Şahin Kardeşler Mermer (Trabell Stones) a company built on a ground of 12000 m2, 4000 m2 closed production area of high quality international standards of production, finding the compromise for the customer satisfaction principles to make great investment, The company continues to move forward with developing an annual production capacity reached 200,000 m2.

Treatment unit plant
Compressor unit
30 ton External crane
Block turning machines
Three block cutter unit (ST)
Block cutter (splitting machines type)
Two horizontal splitting machines
Three head cutting machine units
Side cutter unit
Filling machine unit
Tunnel epoxy oven unit
Automatic polishing line
Two Precision Marble Sizing Machines
Three small sizing machines
Marble trimming machine
Brushed unit
Two Marble brushing machines
Six set bonding machines
Tumbled machine
Chamfering mahine
Bullnose machine
Hexagon machine